Winter is coming…and while it is fun to watch on TV, it is not as enjoyable if your home is not prepared. Before the cold sets in is the time to make sure that your windows are in great condition and will keep you warm and comfortable even as the snow is falling. Have you thought about window replacement, but aren’t sure if it is a good choice for your home? Consider the following reasons why replacing your windows before winter is a great choice!


You want your home to be a place of refuge and protection, and somewhere you enjoy being in all year long. If your windows are drafty, the winter months can make your home an icebox, and even your furnace can’t compete with the cold air blowing in. Sitting in your favorite comfy chair, by a big picture window, reading your favorite new book becomes impossible when freezing air is blowing in on you. Your favorite views of your yard may be blocked by the drapes you need to keep shut to block out the cold. Socks, sweaters, and hats may become your indoor apparel when your windows don’t perform well. New windows can make your home comfortable even on the darkest, coldest days, and you can once again enjoy your favorite chair with a view. New windows keep the cold air out, and no drafts will be able to penetrate your home. Before you start feeling the chill, get new windows installed and make this winter the one that you stayed warm and comfortable. You will be surprised how big of a difference new, quality windows will have on the comfort level of your home!

Money Saving

Cold drafts seep in through old windows and make your home chilly, but you know what is flowing out of your home? Money, in the form of your home’s warm air. The drafts go both ways, and the money you are spending on heating your home is wasted when the hot air can escape through inefficient windows. Keep your utility bills low with new windows that insulate your home and trap the warm air inside. If you have been debating new windows but the cost seems prohibitive, consider the energy savings you will get. New windows don’t only save you money in the cold winter months, but also in the heat of the summer when your air conditioning is working hard to cool your home. New windows insulate your home, and keep the air conditioning or heat inside your home, saving you money every single month. Instead of focusing on the cost of new windows, look at the savings you will get! Plus, older windows may need repairs that can really add up, so if they are not performing well, don’t keep repairing them, replace them!

Energy Efficient

Not only are you saving money, but you are making your home more energy-efficient when you choose new windows. If your current windows are single-paned glass, consider how much more efficient they could be! Single pane windows often end up with a layer of ice on the inside during really cold nights, and so much energy is wasted just trying to compensate for the poor performance of old windows. Everyone is looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, and conserve energy, and new windows allow your home to be more energy efficient.

Ditch the Plastic!

Has your solution to your drafty windows been that unnatractive window plastic that you shrink to fit with a hairdryer? Not only is it a huge pain to install, the sticky tape can leave a residue on your window trim, or pull off the paint or finish—leaving you with more problems to address in the spring. That is another big drawback to using window film, you need to remove it every year and reapply it in the winter (unless you love never opening your windows). If you are considering using plastic on your windows, there is obviously a problem with your windows, and the film is just putting a band-aid on something that needs to be fixed. Plus, window film usually only reduces drafts by 55 percent, and unless you seal all of the edges perfectly, you will still get cold air seeping through. Window film obscures your views, makes your windows look bad, and decrease the value of your home. If you are considering spending time and money to put plastic over your windows, put those efforts into new windows instead! You will be able to open your windows whenever you want, they will look great, and you will have better performance and energy savings.

Curb Appeal

Are your windows cracked, missing panes, or have broken frames or trim? Windows are a big part of the design aesthetic of the exterior of your home and if yours are old, broken, or ugly they are not doing your home any favors. New windows can instantly update your home, and can add value and beauty. With so many styles available, you can really change the look of your home, and larger trim, multiple panes, or larger windows can be the answer to a drab, boring home. Besides the beauty that you add to the exterior of your home, the inside can get a boost as well! When you choose new windows, you can add more in, make existing windows larger, or choose styles like bay, boy, casement, double-hung, and different architectural shapes! Larger interior window trim can make your windows seem bigger, and with so many colors and wood tones, you can match your existing room trim, accent your windows, or create design interest! New windows don’t just make you more comfortable, they add beauty and great design to your home.

Reduce UV Fading

Older windows don’t block ultraviolet rays, and the constant exposure to UV can fade your furniture, drapes, carpet, and precious artwork. Do you have a favorite, expensive sofa that is half dark grey and half not so dark? Especially when you start moving furniture with sun fading, the damage becomes apparent. New windows can block UV rays, and shield your belongings from damage. This also makes your home more comfortable, even right next to a sunny window. Even in the winter, the sun’s rays are damaging to your belongings, so invest in new windows to stop sun fading.

Noise Reduction

If you live on a busy street, you know that the noise from the road can really impact the peace inside your home. Make your home a refuge from the chaos of the outdoors with the help of new windows. The insulation of new windows blocks out noise way better than a single pane of glass ever can. A bedroom that backs to the road, or a house near an airport can be transformed with the noise blocking power of new windows. If your home isn’t as quiet as you would like, new windows can help!

Moisture Reduction

We mentioned single pane windows that freeze over with a layer of ice on the inside earlier, and this is a real problem for homes with older windows. What happens to all of that water once the ice melts? It can damage your window casings, sills, and even your walls and floors. Your old windows may also be leaky, and let in water every time you have a rain or snowstorm. Whatever the reason for moisture is, you don’t want it inside your house! Stop leaks with new, quality windows, and eliminate the ice that can form on the inside panes. Mold, rot, and damage can all result when moisture is not eliminated, and these can all affect the look, function, and value of your home. New windows keep the elements outside, and your home dry and comfortable.

Eliminate Danger

Old windows are not just ugly and not efficient, they can be downright dangerous. Cracked or broken windows are more likely to break further when the cold of winter sets in and the glass becomes brittle. Especially if you have active kids, imagine what will happen when an already compromised window is hit with a ball, a toy, or even a head. Older windows can also stop functioning properly, and either not stay open, or suddenly slam shut. New windows are safer, and not prone to shattering like their older counterparts. Another danger of older windows lies in the painted wood trim. Lead paint was common in homes until the 1970s, and when it flakes off of window sills or trim it poses a health risk, especially for young children. The moisture problems often present with old windows can compound damage to wood trim, and make the lead paint even more likely to flake or chip off into the air. Keep your family safe with new windows!


Along with the dangers that old windows pose from breaking or lead trim, the security of older windows can be poor. If you are not able to easily close your windows, you run the risk of leaving them open to someone who could gain entry to your home. Older windows sometimes don’t lock, or the locking mechanism is no longer functional. Or in the winter, when the windows sit shut for an extended period of time, they can be hard to open. In the event of a fire or other need to evacuate the home, this can turn into a dangerous situation. Having windows that function well, and are easily opened and closed, is essential to the security and safety of your home.

Return on Investment

If you are considering replacing your windows before the winter sets in, know that you are not just increasing your home’s comfort, but you are increasing it’s value as well. Window replacement can have up to a 70 percent return on investment, and when you are ready to sell your home you will be glad that you made the leap. Buyers are also more likely to choose a home that has upgrades like new windows, knowing that the home will be warmer, more energy efficient, and safer during the winter months. If you want to make upgrades to your home that pay off in the long run, new windows are a great investment.

Winter is on its way, is your home ready? If you are considering new windows, Full Armor would love to serve you! We are Ralston, Council Bluffs, and Omaha’s trusted window installer, and we only carry high-quality ProVia window products. Check out our great selection today, and get your new windows before winter!