1. Consequences of a Bad Window Installation

    When you are looking at getting new windows, you may be tempted to DIY the job, or hire the cheapest company you can find. After all, the windows are the most important part, right? Get good quality windows and how can you go wrong? Unfortunately, even with high-quality windows you can go really, re…Read More

  2. New Windows Before Winter

    Winter is coming...and while it is fun to watch on TV, it is not as enjoyable if your home is not prepared. Before the cold sets in is the time to make sure that your windows are in great condition and will keep you warm and comfortable even as the snow is falling. Have you thought about window repl…Read More

  3. ProVia’s History

    At Full Armor Windows and Doors we want to only bring you the best service, and provide you with the highest quality windows and doors. This is why we only use ProVia products, and are proud to support this faith-based company. ProVia’s history is rich and exciting, and we are so happy to be a par…Read More