Are you looking for an easy upgrade to your home that will give you tons of benefits? Look no further than your front door! Replacing your front door is an upgrade that seems small, but has big rewards. If you are in the Omaha, Council Bluffs, or Ralston areas, Full Armor Windows and Doors can install a beautiful new front door. Read on to find out more about how a new front door can upgrade your home!


If you have an outdated, worn, peeling, chipping, cracked, or otherwise visually unappealing front door, it is affecting the look of your home. Especially if you have recently painted the exterior of your home, had new siding installed, or put on a new front porch, a worn door will stick out like a sore thumb. Don’t neglect your front door, replace it with something new and visually appealing! Maybe you have had a solid door and want to add some windows for visual interest, or 

perhaps you want to add in sidelights to make your door appear larger and fill your entryway. If your door is a solid slab, consider a new door with interesting inset panels, or even our Inspirations Art Glass. This glass recreates the expensive look of stained glass, and adds unique, beautiful design to your home. A new color can also really make a big design statement for your home, and going bright and bold is usually a great choice on a small space like a door. Even changing out the kind or color of wood that you use can really change the look of your entryway, and if your home is light-colored you could consider a darker wood that really pops against your home’s exterior. A door is a great place to go bold, go big, and make a dramatic impact on the look of your home.

 Curb Appeal

Having great design is important to fully enjoy your home’s potential, but it is also good if you are considering selling your home. Boosting your home’s curb appeal brings buyers past the curb, and actually into your home. If your front door looks worn, old, or unattractive, buyers are not going to want to see what’s inside! Make your entryway as beautiful as possible to show potential buyers that your home is worth their time. Our Signet line of front doors offers the beautiful look of wood with the durability of fiberglass, and can really boost your home’s curb appeal! Curb appeal really plays a large role in getting your home sold, and your front door makes a huge visual impact!


An old, solid door can really block the light in an entryway, and a new front door that lets in plenty of sunshine is the answer! Think of your front door as an opportunity for a window in a dark entry or hallway, and choose a new door that brightens your space. Our Signet line of fiberglass entry doors with our simulated divided lites (SDL) look like old-world crafted mullioned panes, and let light stream in. Our Inspirations Art Glass can also let in the light, while adding the beauty of stained glass to your home. Use a new front door as an opportunity to increase the light in your home, and your dark entryway can become a cheery room that you love to come home to.


Your front door can be a design statement, but it is also an important entry point to your home, and it should be secure. If your door is older, flimsy, or the locking system is not adequate, you could be putting your home at risk. Increase the security of your home and the safety of your family by investing in a new, more secure entry door. Our line of Legacy steel entry doors are the perfect choice if you want the best in security for your home. These doors will still increase the beauty of your home, but you will be adding in 20 gauge steel for the ultimate protection—almost 50% more galvannealed steel than standard doors! The edges and face of these steel doors are one continuous piece, adding unbeatable strength to your home’s entry. Your door needs to broadcast that your home is secure, and a new ProVia door will help you ensure your home is safe.


Maybe you have recently replaced your windows, had insulation blown in, or invested in a new on-demand hot water heater. Great! You are increasing your home’s efficiency and keeping money in your pocket! But if you have an old door, you could be letting dollars fly out the front door—literally. Your front door is a significant source of heating and air conditioning escaping from your home, and that costs you in energy bills. Keep the warm air in during the winter, and the cool comfort of your home stable in the summer with a door that is fully sealed, energy efficient, and will save you money. Our Embarq series of fiberglass entry doors are the most efficient on the U.S. market, and they create a dual perimeter seal that blocks drafts and energy leaks. Every crevice of the core of an Embarq door is filled with a foam barrier material that results in superior energy efficiency, and keeps your home comfortable all year round. A custom sweep at the bottom of the Embarq door further works to create a thermal barrier that makes your home protected against the temperatures outside. Making your home energy efficient will keep you comfortable, save money on energy bills, and eliminate drafts in your home. Plus, an energy efficient home is always a bonus to buyers, and can make your home stand out from other in the area. A new door is a great choice for energy efficiency!


Along with drafts, your old door could be letting in a lot of unwanted outdoor noise. Especially if you live on a busy street, you know that you want your home insulated against noisy surroundings, and a new front door can help! Doors and windows are the biggest culprits in a home that allows in outdoor noise, and replacing them can make your home the quiet, peaceful sanctuary that you need. At Full Armor, we can help with both new door and new window installation, and keep that unwanted noise out! A front door often faces the street, and is subject to noisy people on the sidewalk, loud cars and trucks, and even nearby highways. Get a new door that is insulated, and you will enjoy the benefits of noise reduction!


Worse than letting in unwanted noise, is letting bad weather into your home through your front door. If you have a door that is exposed to the elements, you want it to be weathertight. Rain that creeps in at the bottom of an old door, or windows on a door that ice over and melt indoors are a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Your front door should be impervious to the elements, and if yours is not doing the job, a new door is in order. Because your front entry is basically a large hole cut into the solid exterior of your home, fill it with something that holds up to even the worst kinds of weather!
Are you convinced yet? A new front door is a great choice for any home! If the exterior of your home is looking a little shabby, a new door can give your home a face-lift—something both homeowners and potential buyers can appreciate! Your front door can also increase your home’s energy efficiency, keep your home more comfortable, and save you money on your utility bills! High quality entry doors also increase your home’s security, giving you peace of mind that your family and possessions are protected. What are you waiting for? Contact Full Armor Windows and Doors today for a free estimate!