Maybe your home is a little dark and you are looking for a way to bring in the light. Or perhaps you are wanting access to your outdoor space. Whatever the case may be, patio doors are a great choice to bring beauty, light, value, and accessibility to your home. If you are just starting to think about patio doors, here are some things to consider before you make your final decision. Full Armor Windows and Doors is proud to carry the Provia line of patio doors, and we serve the Omaha, Council Bluffs and Ralston areas with our door expertise!


What will you primarily be using your patio doors for? Are you looking to add tons of light into a dark living room? You want to consider a larger patio door, or multiple doors installed next to one another. Do you have a very tight space you are hoping to squeeze a door in? If so, a narrower sliding patio door is a great choice. Our Designer series of hinged patio doors open in spaces where you have more room and want the beauty of a french door design. With the Designer doors you can choose the way you want the door to swing, and with our configurations including 3 doors you can really let in a lot of light. If you are wanting access to a deck, porch, or patio you want something that will accommodate your foot traffic. Think about how you would use a patio door on a day-to-day basis, and use that as your starting point in choosing the perfect door.


Choosing the material your patio door will be made out of is important too. Vinyl offers low maintenance and superior weather resistance. Or you could choose to have a durable vinyl exterior with a real wood interior. This gives you the best of both worlds, with the beauty of wood indoors and vinyl outside for low maintenance and protection of your home. Our Aeris line of patio doors gives you this great combination with a choice of oak, cherry, or maple woods and 16 finishes to match your interior. Especially if you have wood trim throughout your home, choosing to continue that in your patio door can be a great design choice. If you are looking for the solid quality of steel or fiberglass, look to our Designer hinged patio doors that come in either our Signet or Heritage fiberglass or our Legacy steel doors. Whatever you are looking for, we are sure to have a material that suits your needs. Take a look at the exterior of your home and evaluate what material would suit your home’s style best.


Bigger is definitely better when it comes to patio doors! The bigger the door, the more design impact it has, and the more light it lets into your home. We are pleased to offer custom doors and sidelites to fit your every need. We can adjust the height or the width of your new patio doors in ⅛” increments to find a size that really fits your home. You will enjoy your new, large patio doors, but they will also increase the resale value of your home! If you face an incredible view, maximize it with a wall of patio doors! Having several entry points to a large deck can also be useful, and great for entertaining.

Increase Your Home’s Efficiency

No one wants to make an upgrade to their home that results in higher utility bills, or a drafty home. All of our patio doors offer high quality frames and sashes and energy efficient glazing systems for the windows, but you can go even a step further. Our Aeris vinyl sliding patio doors are Energy Star certified and will bring greater thermal efficiency to your home, and result in less heat loss, reduced condensation, no drafts, and savings on your utility bill! If you are replacing a drafty, poorly installed, older patio door you are sure to appreciate the savings that come with a brand new door. If you are looking for a great economy door without sacrificing on quality, our ecoLite sliding patio doors offers outstanding energy efficiency while being attractive and low maintenance.


Once you have decided on a size and material, there are many other choices you have when it comes to a patio door.  Maybe you want increase privacy and our privacy glass would be a great choice for you if your patio door will face a neighbor’s house or a busy street. We offer many great styles for privacy glass including our chinchilla, waterfall, and obscure pebble variations. To add more detail to your patio doors, we offer some great choices for simulated window grids. Add classic beauty to your home with our Colonial grid, or go more arts and crafts style with our Prairie or Double Cottage styles. Spruce up your home through the design you choose on your patio doors! Another amazing option is to use our Inspirations Art Glass. Handcrafted to look just like expensive stained glass, we have eleven designs and five color palettes to really add a unique element to your home. Internal blinds are a great choice to be able to regulate how much light comes in and how much privacy you have. Internal blinds are so easy to maintain, and don’t get dirty and dusty like traditional mini blinds. The last area of customization you will want to consider is the hardware you use. From aged bronze, to satin nickel, and classics like white and beige, we have many hardware options that will complete your door and add to the aesthetic of your home. Dream up your perfect door and let us help you make it a reality!



If you really want to enjoy your patio doors year round, you will want to add in a screen door. When the weather is nice you will want to open your doors and windows to let the breeze in. However, you don’t want to let in mosquitos, bees, or flies to ruin your peaceful day. A screen is the perfect option for keeping the air flowing while keeping the creepy crawlies out. A screen is also a good choice for small pets who might be enticed outdoors. A new screen is virtually invisible, and lets in all of the great light that you want with a patio door.

Outdoor Living

One of the best reasons to install new patio doors in your home is to add more square footage to your living space in the form of the great outdoors. If you have a patio off your living room that no one uses due to poor accessibility, a patio door can make this your new favorite warm weather space. Do you have a deck right off of your kitchen? Patio doors that open wide can extend your kitchen in the summer months and allow you easy outdoor dining options. A sliding door off of a bedroom with a small patio or comfortable reading place can make the room seem larger and add to the charm of your home. Sliding doors can open up a neglected sunroom and bring the freshness of the outdoors inside. Patio doors can be used to enjoy a favorite vegetable or flower garden that seems hard to access through the current doors. Patio doors can benefit almost every room in your house! Don’t neglect your outdoor space, utilize it with a new patio door!

So what are you waiting for? A patio door is the perfect choice if you are wanting more light, more accessibility, and to add great design to your home. Full Armor Windows and Doors are your skilled installers in the Omaha, Council Bluffs, and Ralston areas—call us today!